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The Ark Petshop

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The Ark Pet Shop Plymouth

The Ark Pet Shop Plymouth

The Ark Pet Shop Plymouth

The Ark Petshop

About The Ark Petshop Plymouth

Delivery days are Tuesday and Friday afternoon from this store.

We offer excellent customer service from very experienced staff. We are open 8.30am Monday to Saturday and close at 8.00pm to accommodate most customers working hours. We are also open 10 - 4 on Sundays.

Helpful Store staff will help you to your car with any heavy items, we also have plenty of free parking. If we do not stock the item you are looking for we will do our best to source it. We hold a large amount of stock. The busiest store within the company.

Staff are continuously training to keep up to date with new and existing products.

Our Crew

Becky Lawrence = Small Animal/Bird Specialist

I currently oversee the ordering and care of all the animals in our stores, which I enjoy doing as I get to handle lots of fluffy animals!! I enjoy the rapport of the customers who come in regularly and meeting new customers and helping with any questions they may have.

Tina Truman = Nutritional Specialist

I love having regular customers who ask me for advice on any problems that they are having with their cats/dogs etc. I enjoy being amongst people so you can always find me on the shop floor pottering around talking to customers and offering any advice I can.

Jenny Johnson = Nutritional Specialist

I get great satisfaction from my job knowing that I have been able to help a new or old pet owner gain confidence and knowledge in the products that they are using. If you would like to chat about herbal medicines or the best treats/food to feed your loyal friend then pop by and say hello!

Chloe Moore = Nutritional Specialist

My passion within the store is presentation which I love to do, I also enjoy speaking to the customers and offering help and support wherever I can.

Jan Duff = Small Animal/Bird Specialist

I love working at the Ark because my job is so varied and it is a great place to work, I enjoy meeting all the customers but I mainly specialise in animal care and welfare.

Lisa Dickinson = Small Animal/Bird Specialist

I love the varied nature of my job, from dealing with the customers to feeding and caring for the animals

Aaron Joyce = Customer Support

I enjoy working in The Ark as we have a great customer environment, and a family atmosphere with staff. My favorite part of the job is managing all the stock in our storeroom and helping our customers.

John Bishop = Customer Support

I enjoy meeting new customers as well as visiting regular customers with their pets often greeting me at the door waiting for their delivery!

Vikki Knight = Store Manager - email her direct on

I think the best part of my job, not only as manager but as a member of the ark family is the continuity of the care and the passion for our animals here and the animals of all the customers we serve.

Rachael Dolton = Small Animal/Bird Specialist

The best thing about my job is getting to help children pick out their very own pets, I love working at the ark because they love animals as much as I do!

Emma Martin = Small Animal/Bird Specialist

My favorite part of my job is making children and families happy by giving them their new family pet, it’s great to be interacting with people whilst continuing to learn and having fun.

Ryan Long = Customer Support

The best part of belonging to The Ark family for me is all the different types of customers that I get to serve and interact with. I love the team I work with and I take pride in the shop we work in.

Andrew Avery = Nutritional Specialist

I've grown up in a pet business environment and have grown to enjoy the diverse nature animals bring at home and in the work place. I Iove my job because no two days are the same.

Tom Luscombe = Customer Support

I mainly deal with the stock side of the business but I also support in store where I enjoy interacting with our diverse range of customers.

Our super helpful store staff will be happy to answer your questions, email

The Ark Petshop


The Ark Pet Centre
Transit Way,
Plymouth PL5 3TW
Call us: 01752 778787
Email us:

Opening times:
9-6pm and 10-4pm on Sundays and B/holidays.

The Pet Express Plymouth
Units 63/64, Christian Mill Business Park
Crownhill, Plymouth, PL6 5DS

Tel 01752 777247


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