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The Ark Pet Superstore

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The Ark Pet Shop Superstore Plymouth

The Ark Pet Shop Superstore Plymouth

The Ark Pet Superstore

About The Ark Pet Superstore Plymouth

Gemma Traynor - Sales advisor/Supervisor

I currently work at The Ark Pet centre at Western Approach in Plymouth. I have been working within the company for 11 years. I have extensive knowledge about reptiles, small animals and domestic cats and dogs. We keep a wide range of accessories for all animals. Some of my collection consists of tarantulas, large snakes, and many lizards including an iguana, bosc monitor, nile monitor, frilled dragon and a tegu. I also have five Staffordshire bull terrier dogs. We will gladly give advice when asked and take pride within our store. Feel free to pop in to see us and our amazing staff!

Charlie Davenport (Bettles) - Sales Advisor

I have worked for the Western Approach store since October 2010. I am responsible for ensuring that our animals are happy and healthy here at The Ark Western Approach. I am mainly based downstairs although you may see me upstairs with the reptiles and fish too! I hold an NVQ in animal care and a diploma in canine studies. I have owned a variety of animals throughout my life but currently own a Staffordshire bull terrier, five ferrets and a bearded dragon. The Ark is the place to come for all of your pet needs and our knowledgeable friendly staff will make it a please to shop with us. Hope to see you soon!

Meredith Bridges - Sales Advisor

I have been working for The Ark at the Western Approach branch since October 2010. My main focus is the care and wellbeing of the stores reptiles and amphibians, with experience also in aquatics. I have owned reptiles for three years including bearded dragons and various species of snakes. We at The Ark promise a warm welcome, a helpful environment and we endeavour to provide any information you need about caring for many different pet species. Our many interesting and unusual species are changing all the time, so why not come and discover something new!

The Ark Pet Superstore


The Ark Pet Superstore
22 Western Approach
Colin Campbell Car Park
Plymouth PL1 1TG
Call us: 01752 222261
Email us:

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The Pet Express Plymouth
Units 63/64, Christian Mill Business Park
Crownhill, Plymouth, PL6 5DS

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