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The Ark Pet Superstore

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The Ark Pet Shop Superstore Plymouth

The Ark Pet Shop Superstore Plymouth

The Ark Pet Shop Superstore Plymouth

The Ark Pet Superstore

About The Ark Pet Superstore Plymouth

Deliveries are on Wednesdays.

We are open Monday to Saturday 9.00-6.00 and Sundays 10.00-4.00 in a central busy location. We are enthusiastic about our animals and our customers. On top of the amazing range of livestock and everything you could need for your feathered and furry friends, we have the added bonus of a specialist Aquatic and Reptile department which houses a wide range including Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Snakes and a wide range of Tropical and Cold Water Fish.

Our staff are continuously training to keep up to date with new and existing products and if there is something you want which we don’t stock, we will do our best to source it for you.

Chris Lewis: Pet Sales Advisor

I have always enjoyed working with exotic animals and always look toward improving my knowledge and experience. I particularly enjoy passing on what I can to others and working at the ark is perfect for that!

Mike Martin: Pet Sales Advisor

I enjoy working at the ark as I have a passion for working with animals and love the team I work with!

Rose Gaffey: Pet Sales Advisor

I joined the ark pet centre in 2014, I love my job role in many ways, the staff are really friendly and they have helped me learn so many new things about the products and animals that we sell.

Sophie Cannan: Pet Sales Advisor

I studied animal care for 2 years and have always had a passion to work with animals, I also work with a fantastic team who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about their job as I am. No 2 days are the same…I love my job!

Jade Mead: Nutritional Specialist

I like meeting new people and hearing about the different animals the customers have, learning new things and looking after the range of animals we have.

The Ark Pet Superstore


The Ark Pet Superstore
22 Western Approach
Colin Campbell Car Park
Plymouth PL1 1TG
Call us: 01752 222261
Email us:

Opening times:
9-6pm and 10-4pm on Sundays and B/holidays.

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