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The Ark Pet Shop

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Pet Shop Exeter

Pet Shop Exeter

Pet Shop Exeter

The Ark Pet Shop

About The Ark Pet Shop Exeter

You'll find our store in the St. Thomas shopping precinct; just off of Cowick Street in Exeter. From there you just can't miss us; we're the ones displaying our excellent products outside and with the big smiles on the inside! We're well known for the very warm welcome you get upon entering our store along with the chirpy greeting from our resident cockatoo, Peanut (very much a local celebrity... and doesn't she know it!).

We've been gifted with a lovely large car-park right outside our door so parking your motor needn't be a concern, plus we'll even carry your purchases to your vehicle for you so you can let us take the weight off your shoulders (we know the cat litter and dog food can be a real pain!).

Our team are always keen to help you, whether you're thinking of buying a hamster or want some advice on the best foods for your dog; we're all knowledgeable about our animals and well trained in order to give you the very best of advice. Not only are we all trained pet-care advisors but we can also offer specialised advice when it comes to those incredibly cheeky parrots and terribly frisky snakes that you just can't get elsewhere, simply ask for our specialists in-store (we've dealt with some tricky critters ourselves so can offer first-hand reliable advice!).

Our enthusiastic team work hard to provide the best assistance for all of our customers and as an added bonus we can order in thousands more items - especially for you - so that we can always find the best product to suit both yours and your pets' needs. Spend £20 with us and we'll even deliver your items (free of charge) direct to your door! Our van delivers to our lovely customers every Tuesday, all we ask is that you let us know by the end of the day on Monday if you wish to place an order so that we can be well-prepared!

We frequently run excellent promotions on some of our most popular products and foods so it's always worth having a peek around our store to see what bargains you can scoop up... but... don't be put off, even our full-priced items are low-priced!

Need more evidence? Just ask any one of our regular customers about our wonderful outlook, our reliable advice or our simply radiant animals! We're frequently complimented upon the excellent care of all of our animals, the individual attention we pay to each species to make sure they're at their best and of course on Peanuts' wonderful welcome! Looking for an animal we don't stock? No problem, we'll try our best to source that for you too.

What more can you ask?! Pop in and see us and put us to the test!

Staff members and the pets lucky enough to live with them:

Claire (our lovely store manager!) is the proud owner of Lola the Hahns Macaw and two dumbo rats.

Nikki = Nutritional Specialist has a boxer dog, two very particular guinea pigs, one velvet rex rabbit and two adorable razor back musk turtles.

Andy has a rather affectionate bearded dragon and a selection of tropical fish.

Ruth = Nutritional Specialist has four lively dogs, three cats and tropical fish.

Steve (our one-and-only snake boy!) has a boxer, an african grey parrot, one yemen chameleon, three tarantulas and FOURTEEN snakes ranging from royal pythons to mexican black king snakes!

Carly has one rather demanding cat, Moo, and a number of goldfish.

Laura owns one pampered rabbit.

Alison (the latest to join our pet-friendly team) is currently without pets (but we can't see this lasting for long!).

Leanne Johns = Supervisor

Matt Briggs = Reptile and Aquatic Specialist

Shannon Barner = Reptile and Aquatic Specialist

Meghan Moreton = Small Animal Specialist

Sam Raisbeck = Reptile Specialist

The Ark Pet Shop


The Ark Pet Shop
15,St Thomas Shopping Centre
Cowick Street
Exeter EX4 1DG
Call us: 01392 490808
Email us:

Opening times:
9-6pm and 10-4pmĀ on Sundays and B/holidays.

The Pet Express Plymouth
Units 63/64, Christian Mill Business Park
Crownhill, Plymouth, PL6 5DS

Tel 01752 777247


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